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Las Vegas


Article Title or Author: Faten Abu Hwaij

Las Vegas
By Faten Abu Hwaij
MBA Management /Quality Assurance Manager (TAG-SB)

Who could possibly worry about the discomfort of a 24-hour flight when the destination is a city so alive, so eventful, and so colorful like the city of Las Vegas? Well, it requires being stuck up in the air for 17 hours, in an airport for 2 more, and then a second 5 hour-long flight, but the moment you even enter Las Vegas’ McCarran’s Airport, that one day long trip becomes ancient history. It only takes a few steps inside the airport to know that this place is like no other; there can’t be a place livelier than this.

Las Vegas is possibly the most touristic place on earth. In this city, you can simply be who you want to be, do whatever you want to do as this city keeps it hush hush...since ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’, attractions and events that are for eternity being held can certainly appeal to anyone coming from the ends of the world; there are concerts, parties, lounges, gaming casinos, magic shows, comedy shows and even shows so unique, they make their own category. Moreover, if someone is not into any of those, shopping in the streets or visiting any of the malls is just a delight. How about a fancy dinner somewhere in the city? Hotels and restaurants there have some of the finest food offered anywhere.

It is always exciting to attend a circus every now and then, even if it was one of those mediocre ones that come into town every year. Being Vegas, there are no mediocre shows; this comes by definition. There were four Cirque du Soleil shows, each following a totally different theme. I have attended two of them, but the one that definitely stuck to my head was one called “KA”; two letters that filled the whole evening with astonishment. This theatrical circus show told an ancient Asian story of two siblings separated by war, and their journey to reunite. Though the actors said no words, the story, the acting and the perfection of theatrical effects were more than enough to share a wonderful story that just grasps the audience’s attention every single moment.

The next show starred someone that stunned many of us in our childhoods and continued to do so as we grew up; possibly the greatest magician the world has ever known: David Copperfield. I still remember when I was a teen watching him on TV crossing through the Great Wall of China, and now he’s giving a live magic show in Vegas! My brother and I were sitting at the very first row, half a meter away from the stage. I felt like a teen again watching him pull a dazzling trick after the other, thinking to myself, that even if he looks much older than what my memory recalls, these tricks were nothing short of my expectations. I admit, I could not figure out how he does any of his tricks; not a single one.

A shocked, confused look wore my face for two hours straight. The remembrance that I always had in mind was the one presented in the dying scenes of George Clooney’s “Ocean’s Eleven”; the incredible dancing fountains. The Bellagio Hotel plays a different song every half hour, with huge fountains that dance to the rhythm of that song like a delicate bride. Flailing from right to left or pumping water into incredible heights that my camera couldn’t get the end of them, the dancing fountains were absolutely one of the greatest memories any viewer can have. What could possibly make this a better experience than watching the fountains dance to Elvis Presley’s “Viva Las Vegas”? After all these astonishing performances and the amazing walk at the strip on a sleepless night, it was certainly time for shopping.

There are a number of indoors and outdoors shopping centers offering the best of brands for anyone. As the city has lots of casinos that pay huge amounts of taxes, people enjoy a very low tax rate on all merchandise and services. Coming out of stores with huge bags was actually very affordable, even after shopping from brand name stores. It is memories like the ones I had in Vegas that anyone would cherish for a long time to come. I can still see the crowded streets full of people from every possible nation and ethnicity; only a city like Vegas can make such a picture possible. It was a journey full of exciting events and remarkable places in a vibrant city. Even the 24-hour flight back home couldn’t wipe away the big smile I had on this trip. “How I wish that there were more than twenty four hours in the day”, said Elvis in his song. During that trip, I couldn’t agree more.

6.8 Km Stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard with its Modernizied Hotels and Casinos -Strip Las Vegas

The Fountain of Bellagio “the Dancing Water Fountain synchronized to Music” - Las Vegas