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Submission Guidelines

Topic Understanding: You need to be familiar with the topic before submitting the article.
Word count: There is no minimum word count, although minimum 400 words would be fine.
Links to other content: Information and links to certain topics before you link to other sources needed to be mentioned.
Tone: Kindly AVOID political and religion ones.


Original content: We welcome original articles. Paralogism is against our policy.
Marketing driven content: We are not interested in articles that promote a specific product or service.
Acceptance notification: You will be notified about the acceptance of your article within seven business days. We sincerely appreciate and thoroughly, deeply read all submissions, although we may not be able to personally engage or respond to all Authors.

To Send Your Submission

• Please submit articles through Submission as contributor on the site.
• All submissions must include a working title, authors full name and preferably a bio which can be added under ‘user’.
• All supporting images or films should be embedded within the article with references to original sources if you do not have image rights.
• Please note that your submission may be edited, abridged or otherwise altered.

Once the article is accepted for publication, it will undergo language copyediting, typesetting, and reference validation in order to provide the highest quality possible.

We look forward to READ from you all.

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